LINKIN 4.24.15

Hi to all! It has been a fast week around this place. In fact, it is 6:20 in the morning and I am still putting the finishing touches on this post. There is lots of good stuff this week and you just might need a Kleenex for a few of them. I spend a decent chunnk of time finding things I feel like sharing, I definitely hope some of these things move you to laugh, cry, or maybe rethink something in your life. Enjoy!

Dance like nobody’s watching: I cannot get enough of this little dancing machine. You gotta check out this video of an 8-year old boy getting his groove on to what else? Uptown Funk.

Thank you for being a friend: Love, love love this article where 25 famous women share their thoughts on female friendship.

emma watson quotes

Warrior Princess: To understand why I think Emma Watson totally rocks, just read these 10 amazing Emma Watson quotes or even more of her brilliance here.

Last F**kable Day: Dying over this video. Amy Schumer stumbles upon a picnic. Not just any picnic. In fact, the attendees are Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. As you can imagine, the conversation is hilarious while also making a strong statement at the same time.

Deep Thoughts: I love this article about The Moral Bucket List. So on point.

LINKIN’ 4.17.15

Hi to all! Well, I sound like a broken record but here we are again folks, another Friday. I wish I could share something exciting about my week but honestly, it was just full of lots of the “normal” stuff and guess what? I couldn’t be happier. The highlight of my week was realizing another season of ‘Southern Charm’ is available to watch On Demand! Ha ha! Can you believe I admit this stuff? I guess I am easy to please. There is lots of excitement in the house as Craig is super psyched that the Hawks pulled out a win after double overtime. ‘The Nater’ was the lucky recipient of a ball at the Cubs game he and Craig attended on Tuesday night. A nice player from Cincinnati tossed him a ball while he was warming up when he noticed Nate was holding out his glove. It blew Nate away, he was so excited! Well, enough about my week. Here are some things that I feel like sharing with all of you this week. Enjoy!

I will be out of the office beginning on…Have you seen this hilarious video that shows us what real life would look like if we actually talked like we talk via email? Classic. Hilarious.

Ice cream for breakfast? Hell yes! Love, love, love this mama and want to be more like her. I think Nate would approve!

Laverne cox nude via Allure

In the Buff: After going back and forth, ‘Orange is the new Black’ star Laverne Cox decided to take it all off for Allure’s annual Nude issue. In case you are living under a rock and don’t know, Laverne is a black transgender woman. She stripped down to her birthday suit because she felt doing so could be very powerful for the communities she represents. Click here to learn more about her decision to take it all off and to see others who have posed for this issue over the years.

Oh no she didn’t: And the ‘fat-shaming’ continues. This time the victim is Britney Spears. She let a fan have a piece of her mind on Wednesday night after a fat comment was sent her way during her Vegas show. Click here to see the video.

Just something else to worry about: I don’t know about you but this article will definitely keep me up at night. WTF?

My prayers have been answered: I can’t wait to look more closely at these 28 amazing dishes that require just 4 ingredients or less.