LINKIN’ 3.27.15

Here we are again folks, yet another week has sped on by. Hope you enjoy the Friday links!

Caroline de Maigret

Oh those darn French women: The surprising reason why French women are so stylish. FYI, it’s not what you think and it just might make your day!

Carrie Bradshaw turned 50 this week: Yes, SJP celebrated a milestone. I love this slideshow of 10 truisms on aging from Sex and the City in celebration of her milestone birthday. Hey, it wasn’t all about sex people!

Ivanka Trump Marie Claire

#WomenWhoWork: I love Ivanka Trump’s new initiative to tackle the myth of work/life balance head on. Per Ivanka,”There is no work, home, friends, family, it all mixes together.” Right on sister! Ivanka Trump redefines the idea of the “working woman“.

The happiest mug shot ever: You would never think this woman who is smiling ear-to-ear was just arrested for lighting a yoga studio on fire. You must click and read her biggest regret about the whole situation.