LINKIN’ 5.22.15

Cheers to the long weekend ahead of us! Mine will be occupied by a soccer tournament in essentially another state and a visit to a local carnival that is on repeat every Memorial Day. Oh yeah! (can you hear/feel the sarcasm?) If you are wondering if I am that mom that stands and takes pics on the sidelines or the one who straps in and gets twirled until she near vomits, well, I am the kind of mom that straps in. I slap on my fancy unlimited ride bracelet and brace myself.

Here are some links I felt like sharing. Enjoy!

MissGuidedMama: I came across this hilarious blog this week and just had to share a few posts written by this mom of two who documents the raw moments of raising kids. I can totally relate to Confessions of a Snack Slut Addicted to Goldfish (if you are a mom and didn’t laugh at that, I am concerned), liked the empathy in her words To The Mom Who Brought Her Kids To The Hair Salon, but most of all totally jived with her take on the subject of Who’s Down With Kid Pics on Facebook? I can’t wait to dive in to her posts a bit more, hopefully over the long weekend.

Say No to The Dress: As exhibited by the barely there red carpet choices of Beyonce, J Lo and more this article addresses what the rise of the couture body means.

Oh no not my kid, they would know exactly what to do! Not! Much to their parents dismay, have you seen this video of what many children actually did when approached by a stranger at the park with a cute little puppy?  It will make you totally squirm but hopefully, it will make sure you address this issue with your kids yet again. I know just this week in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood there was an attempted child luring by two men in a white van. Creepy. Luckily the two girls ran away and are safe. I gotta say that I have never been a fan of the whole ‘Stranger Danger’ conversation though, because honestly, most kids are harmed by people they know. Sad but true. Here is an article, Protecting Against Child Predators: Beyond Stranger Danger that is a good read and I think very appropriate based on the aforementioned shocking video.


Barely Different: I love this series by photographer Anna Larson of two inseparable sisters who share tons of good times but not the same skin color. The pics are so touching and made me smile from ear to ear. Adorbs.

Public Service Announcement: In case you didn’t know, Nordstrom is having their Half-Yearly Sale which means you can save up to 40% on Chick, Dude (Father’s Day is June 21st!) and Kids merchandise. Free shipping. Free returns. This sale ends 5/31 so make sure you don’t drop the ball and miss out on a potential steal/deal. For example, these nude strappy sandals are just $50. Here is a link to the Women’s Sale page, just doing my duty and spreading the word, it is worth checking out.

You have got to be kidding me: Well first there was DeflateGate and now there is ShoeGate. Seems that Cannes, home to the famous film festival and a billionaire playground, has a ‘no flats’ policy and it has caused a recent uproar. It was ignited when amputee (yes I said amputee!) Valeria Richter was turned away because she wasn’t wearing heels. Are you kidding me? This is how one lady made a statement about the flat controversy.

Kendall Jenner amfAR

Work it girl: Everyone is talking about THAT entrance by Kendall Jenner at the amfAR Gala in Cannes. Check out this 2-second video of Kendall totally “working it” for some photogs. Have you picked up on how much I dig Kendall Jenner? I think she has great style. Sorry, I know the Kardashians Kan really Kause you to Kringe but in my opinion Kendall holds her own!

LINKIN’ 5.15.15

Hi to everyone! This is going to be quick as I am about to head out the door to meet some friends for cocktails and want to get this published so it hits your inbox in the morning. In a nutshell, it has been a good week. I went for my annual physical exam this morning and was pleasantly surprised and pleased when I got on the scale. I don’t put a ton of stock in scales in fact I don’t even own one myself but it is a MUST as part of the physical so when it showed I lost 7 pounds since last year, I was thrilled. No, not because I will look better in an LBD but because my blood sugar was teetering for the last few years into the pre-diabetic level so the weight loss/exercise has kept it all in check and my blood sugar has returned to normal levels.

Here is some interesting stuff I came across on the web and felt like sharing. Enjoy!

The real cost of the $10 manicure: My eyes were opened after I read the real consequences of that cheap manicure. A behind-the-scenes look at the New York salon scene that involves barracks, humiliation, and a host of other things. Completely eye-opening. This 2-part investigation is a must read. And here is what mani-pedi addicted New Yorkers are doing after this investigation blew open the reality of the cheap service, even Governor Andrew Cuomo is involved.

Amy Lake Blively: Dying over this parody by Amy Schumer of Blake Lively’s 2010 appearance on David Letterman (even the dress is right on) Cracked up at how Schumer is calling out the ridiculous behaviors by totally poking fun at the so called Hollywood Cool Girls. If you haven’t see the video, you must check it out. I love Vanity Fair’s take that Amy may not be poking so much fun at the Cool Girls at all but possibly lampooning the smarmy men in these scenarios? Insert giggle and hair flip here.

What to get someone who has everything: Turns out that Beyonce was gifted a prop from one of her favorite shows, Game of Thrones by Jay Z. Yep, she owns one of the very rare and very expensive dragon eggs. Actress Emilia Clarke (Khaleesi) let this little detail slip in a recent interview with Bazaar. The actress tried to snag one herself but to no avail. I guess when you have everything you run out of ideas for gifts, etc. so why not get your significant other a hugely expensive and heavy flippin’ egg? I think I’d prefer some roses and chocolate, thanks very much but hey, it’s art.

Homerun: Yep, Lupita Nyong’o has done it again by stealing the spotlight on the red carpet at Cannes. This dress is amazing. She is a vision. Nailed it again.

lupita nyongo cannes

Make-Under: Seems everyone is noticing Lady Gaga’s wardrobe changes and how she is taking it down a notch and upping the sophistication a bit. As she says when asked about the noticeable change, “I wouldn’t say my fashion has changed as much as I’d say I’ve changed on the inside.” Wow. Well, whatever the reason, I like it. Bye bye meat dress. Isn’t Taylor Kinney the only accessory she needs at this point??


Behind closed doors: The number one relationship problem according to therapists is ____? This article discusses this issue and 4 other things that can really put a strain on your relationship. Are you guilty of any of these?