I shared a link on my Chic and Glamorous Facebook page yesterday with the pic below of the supermodel Daphne Selfe. I thought it was worth digging a little deeper into the world of this now 87-year old beauty. Her birthday was on July 1st. She definitely has that special “something-something” that makes you look twice.

She started modeling way back in the 1940’s then took a break to raise her 3 children. She made a comeback when she was 70 years old and hasn’t looked back since. It turns out an edgy British brand was on the hunt for an older model to walk the catwalk at London Fashion Week and well, the rest is history. Soon after, Vogue was doing a story on aging and she was photographed for it. That photograph then led her to be signed on by Models 1, a large European modeling agency.

She is very vocal that she hasn’t done anything to her face (in fact she refers to such things as “poison”) and attributes her looks to mostly good genes, walking, yoga and toiling in the garden.




LINKIN’ 7.24.15

Hi everybody! I hope you all have had a great week. I have been in Ohio visiting family and will be on my way back to Chi-town by the time you read this Friday morning. I have a little break in the day right now so I am going to link out to some things. However, this may not be as long as usual due to time constraints. Thanks for understanding.


Say No to Yourself First: It’s the pot calling the kettle black at least in my home it is that’s why I loved this article about how to cut children’s screen time. The major point being say no to yourself first. Word.

Let It Be Known: Where the Most Handsome Men in America Live

#Friendshipgoals: This unlikely power couple had me smiling from ear to ear. Currently gracing the cover of Time magazine, they prove that despite our differences, we can still be friends. Check out their interview here. The video highlighting 14 hilarious moments from the Presidential Leadership Scholars ceremony is also pretty adorable.


Her Most Coveted Accessory and Secret Vices: Love, love, love this cool series from T Magazine where notables from the world of fashion, art, design and entertainment illustrate their responses to a questionnaire. Fabulously French Isabel Marant is the latest to illustrate her answers to such things as her vices, what she would want for her last meal, etc. Below is her illustration on how she sees herself.


Anchor It: Most of you are probably aware that IKEA offered free wall anchoring repair kits for 27 million dressers this week after 2 children died from injuries after their IKEA dressers fell and pinned them. FACT: every 2 weeks a child dies due to improperly secured items in the home. FACT: A falling television sends a child to the ER every 30 minutes. This article urges all of us to be proactive and get things secured in our home.