Two words. Sara Blakely. She is the woman who has made it possible for this wine-guzzling midwestern mama to wear a form-fitting dress post-baby. Bam! Love her! Sara Blakely is the brains behind Spanx, the revolutionary shapewear company that she founded and I’m betting you probably own a few pieces. She has single-handedly made women all over the world forget about their muffin top. I love that she is 100% self-made. She started the company on a shoestring and is the youngest self-made woman to reach billionaire status. Yes, a billionaire, she attained this at age 41. Not too shabby for a former door-to-door fax machine salesperson.

A little history…I am sure some of you know this story already but I didn’t so I am going to share it. As a fax machine salesperson in Florida she was forced to wear pantyhose for her sales role but she disliked how the seam showed when wearing open-toe shoes in the heat. Yeah, probably not a great look. However, she liked how the hosiery eliminated her panty lines and made her feel firmer and the seed was planted. She then went to a party and wore hosiery under a new pair of pants but she cut off the feet. Obviously, the hosiery rolled up her legs all night long but overall the desired effect was achieved and well, the rest is history. Sidenote: those pants are on display at Spanx headquarters!

Sara Blakely has surpassed rock star status in my book. She has joined Giving Pledge, meaning she has made a pledge to donate over half of her fortune to charity. She is in good company, joining the likes of Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill and Melinda Gates and other filthy rich people. All of it is so impressive. When I turned the page while looking at the latest issue of Porter Magazine (the brainchild of Net-A-Porter and one of my faves, btw) and saw that Sara Blakely was sharing some of her wisdom, you can bet I paid attention.


Sara Blakely