I shared a link on my Chic and Glamorous Facebook page yesterday with the pic below of the supermodel Daphne Selfe. I thought it was worth digging a little deeper into the world of this now 87-year old beauty. Her birthday was on July 1st. She definitely has that special “something-something” that makes you look twice.

She started modeling way back in the 1940’s then took a break to raise her 3 children. She made a comeback when she was 70 years old and hasn’t looked back since. It turns out an edgy British brand was on the hunt for an older model to walk the catwalk at London Fashion Week and well, the rest is history. Soon after, Vogue was doing a story on aging and she was photographed for it. That photograph then led her to be signed on by Models 1, a large European modeling agency.

She is very vocal that she hasn’t done anything to her face (in fact she refers to such things as “poison”) and attributes her looks to mostly good genes, walking, yoga and toiling in the garden.






I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed that amazing good looks seems to run in the family for many people. I decided for fun to just pull up a few examples. I imagine some are totally expected and you could probably list them off right now but I would bet a few of these are a little surprising. So now for the most obvious….

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner

kim kardashian and kendall jenner

kim kardashian and kendall jenner

Then there is Rooney and Kate Mara. Both soooo gorgeous.

kate mara rooney mara

kate mara rooney mara 2

Bella and Gigi Hadid certainly aren’t hurting in the looks department. It turns out Bella just scored a big modeling contract as well so you will be seeing more and more of these sisters.

gigi and bella hadid

gigi and bella hadid 2