Thank you for your interest in working with CHIC + GLAMOROUS. CHIC + GLAMOROUS is a place where I share my many musings about all things fabulous in regards to beauty, interiors, style and real life. It is my aim to provide loads of stylish inspiration to my readers. If you are interested in reaching thousands of people who admire all things CHIC + GLAMOROUS, then let’s talk. Read on to get the details on some of the many ways we can get collaborate:


I’d love to let my readers know what I think of your product. Items provided for review will not be returned but I will always link back to your product when it is featured. Your reviewed product will always be highlighted via my blog post and social media.


I am always happy to host a giveaway for my readers. In fact, this is one of my favorite things to do!


CHIC + GLAMOROUS is happy to do sponsored posts of like-minded products and companies in the interiors, fashion, beauty, jewelry, home design and art industries on a pre-approved basis only. The post will be written with my true opinions only. Please contact me for specifics about pricing for a sponsored post at

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Any and all businesses and bloggers are welcome to inquire about working with CHIC + GLAMOROUS. I will consider each and every inquiry but will only accept those collaborations that I feel are a good fit for my personal style and of course, those of my readers.

Any product I receive free of charge will be disclosed as such with a “c/o” or “courtesy of.”

The integrity of my blog is of the utmost importance. Please be mindful that all reviews/opinions are my own. Also, I will never share the information {emails, etc.} left on my blog with any 3rd party service.

CHIC + GLAMOROUS is affiliated with Reward Style. This means that I will periodically post on products through affiliation links provided. In return, I may receive a small commission. So, if you click on a link and make a purchase, from an affiliate site, there are some instances when I make a commission off of your purchase. Not all products I link to are through an affiliate program and this absolutely does not affect what I choose to share with you. All the items I choose to blog about are genuinely items I myself would wear or place in my own home.

I reserve the right to remove any previous post or comments without notice or explanation. I love hearing from my readers, I really do, but any comment that I deem negative or inappropriate- including spam, rude language, self-promotion, or other items unrelated to the post- will be deleted without notice or further explanation.

Images on my blog may be used as long as they are accompanied with a link back to the blog and preferably the exact blog post where the image was pulled. {} as all my personal images are copyrighted.

Companies and brands: Before contacting me, please consider if your product(s) are a good fit for the aesthetic and editorial content of CHIC + GLAMOROUS.

Most importantly, I will not accept any products or sponsored posts from companies that I otherwise would not blog about. All opinions are my own and will be written to reflect my true thoughts.

I always try my best to give credit to the original source. If I have posted your photographs or work and they are not properly credited, please email me at so I can correct it right away. If you would like your photograph or work removed entirely from the post, please let me know and I can promptly handle your request.

Credits for photos used in sidebar:

Interiors: Dunlin Home
Style: Style Me Grasie
Real Life: “Hot Chocolate” by Egle Ma, Flickr
Beauty: Carin Olsson, for Gary Pepper Vintage