LINKIN’ 8.14.15

Hi everyone! I don’t know about you but it has been a pretty good week minus the fact that our garage door went kaput but it was fixed the same day so I can’t really complain. I must say, just so many crazy things on the web. I mean did Ben Affleck really bang his nanny? Oh my! It just keeps getting weirder and weirder as she is holed up at the Hotel Bel-Air and just Instagrammed (is this even a verb?) a new convertible Lexus per Page 6. Hmmm. So strange, want to see how this all plays out. Could Ben have stooped so low?

Onward. Well, despite all of the craziness out there, I sure hope all of you have had a great week. This one will yet again be short and sweet as it is now midnight as I sit and pull some things together for this post. Here are some interesting things I came across this week on the interwebs and feel like sharing with all of you. 

Key Players: Meet an amazing group of women that are in the trenches of the 2016 election. I believe the woman in the kick ass dress below happens to be the wife of Anthony Weiner who stuck it out through #weinergate.

election 2016

The Perfect Little Cross Body Bag: New-Yorked based line Mansur Gavriel just launched these perfectly chic cross body bags as a follow-up to their super hot bucket bags. Many colors are already sold out of this little number (not all are pictured here) but too good not to share. Available in such gorgeous colors, love!


Dating Acopalypse: I have no idea how to use Tinder let alone, they were both before my time. However, in talking to all my single ladies I do find the ease (seriously, just swiping your phone) of getting a date or a little nookie super concerning! Call me an old fart but there just seems to be no real conversation/connection taking place with people just looking at a zillion profiles and images of people portraying their very best self. I enjoyed this interesting read in Vanity Fair about how dating has changed due to Tinder and other dating apps. The image below definitely captures the new normal.


Did you know tampons were invented in 1931?: Time for a change! Something other than wings on pads! 36-year old Miki Agrawal is about to take on the $15 billion dollar feminine hygiene with THINX underwear. Learn about her mission. Innovative. I know we are taking about periods here but seriously, this article is so interesting.

Dinner vs. Drinks? Love this question that was addressed on A Cup of Jo blog about the first date. I mean it really is a dating conundrum. What is in fact best? Dinner or drinks? What’s your opinion? I personally always preferred dinner but based on the earlier link all about Tinder, etc. maybe in fact this question isn’t even relevant anymore in 2015?

Have a kick ass weekend everyone!


Stay Chic, Beth

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