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Hi everyone! Sorry it has been slllooowww on the blog front lately. Our black labrador Oliver tore his CCL (ACL in humans) and he had to have some major surgery. I have been super busy managing his post-surgical care, etc. He is now feeling much better as he is through the first week. The poor guy has been sporting the ‘cone of shame’ for over a week now and living in our tiny foyer 24/7. It has not been a party for Oliver!  The first 2-3 days were surely the worst. I couldn’t believe just how bruised and swollen he was! Glad that the end is in sight with his stitches coming out on Tuesday of next week and the cone FINALLY coming off.

Here are some interesting reads for you to enjoy over the weekend.

Duck Syndrome/Penn Face: Never heard of these terms? Me neither. Some interesting thoughts about college suicides. Hard topic.

You Only Really Know if you Have Been There: Some great thoughts on how to write a condolence card.

Respect is Earned, Not Given Freely: and 5 other things I wish I had never told my children.

In Case You Were Sleeping Under a Rock Last Week and Didn’t Hear Lenny’s Leather Pants Ripping: Your Guide to Lenny Kravitz’s Penis Piercing (Yes, you read that right!)

lenny kravitz

Never Look at Junk Mail the Same Way Again: Touching story. There is still good in this world. Uplifting.

Know Your Shit: Loved reading Mindy Kaling’s Guide to Killer Confidence


They’ll Never See It Coming: Oh, The art of being underestimated.

On Beauty: This is the best thing evah. Click on through the photos from this documentary and feel the good vibes.

Last but not least….

Who can’t just melt at this pic of an adorable orphaned kangaroo named Doodlebug hugging his stuffed animal??


Hope you have enjoyed the links! Happy Weekend everyone!

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Stay Chic, Beth

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