Bike rides. Popsicles. Picnics. Now that school is out, I am officially in summer mode. With the weather today teetering near 80 degrees, I pulled out my flip flops and definitely felt in the spirit of summer. I couldn’t help but get inspired by these images of this amazing season! Enjoy!

summer inspiration 1

summer inspiration 2

summer inspiration 3

summer inspiration 4

summer inspiration 5

summer inspiration 6

summer inspiration 7

summer inspiration 8

summer inspiration 9

summer inspiration 12

I hope everyone gets out there and really enjoys their summer! On a separate note, I finished The Primates of Park Avenue in about 3 days time and I must say it was a very enjoyable read. The ending certainly surprised me, in a very good way. I definitely recommend it. I also watched a few back to back episodes of a pretty darn funny new show on Bravo called Odd Mom Out which essentially is also all about life on the Upper East Side. It was produced by two former Sex and the City writers and stars Jill Kargman, daughter of former Chanel President, Arie Kopelman, and sister-in-law to Drew Barrymore. Jill Kargman is certainly no stranger to high society. The comedy is based on her best-selling book MomzillasVanity Fair posed a great question in this recent article, Is Odd Mom Out The New Sex and the City-with Kids? All I know is I really enjoyed the laughs.

As always, thanks for checking in!

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Stay Chic, Beth

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