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Oohh Hermes, I have such a crush. What I wouldn’t do to have a piece of your iconic heritage in my closet. Certainly everyone wouldn’t mind having a gorgeous Birkin or Kelly bag in their arsenal, after all, posessing one is the ultimate “I’ve arrived” statement to the world.  Hey, I would even settle for a great piece of enamel jewelry. Gorge! This french fashion house which was founded in 1837 was originally a saddle maker. Hence, the logo. My how it has evolved. Now Hermes has become the ultimate luxury label. Let’s take a peek at some of the gorgeous goods…



The Kelly bag {introduced in 1935, take note- it only has one handle}



The chic jewelry {the Hermes Chain d’Ancre bracelet launched in 1938}

and oh those iconic Hermes scarves {introduced in 1937}

The Constance bag {introduced in 1939}

and the ultimate statement… the Birkin bag {introduced in 1984 but based on an 1892 design take note-this bag has 2 handles}

images via 1/2/3/4/5/

Continuing on, Hermes offers what I think is the ultimate accessory for the home. Without question, an Hermes Avalon blanket certainly holds some serious rank. This cashmere/wool blend blanket is the epitome of luxury and certainly adds just the right fabulous touch to any room. It’s just soo classic. Seems I am not alone as tastemakers have quite the love affair with it, I mean this oh so sophisticated blanket is always gracing the spreads of countless design mags.

Whether you place it on your bed, drape it on your sofa or side chair or hey, maybe even use it in the nursery {Rachel Zoe- I am referring to you} it is tres chic!

The Hermes “Avalon” blanket is definitely on my lust list and with its prominent H it certainly isn’t subtle. However, never one for subtlety, I kinda love it. However, at $1300 a pop it is quite the splurge. I know I will certainly try to justify it at some point in my life because just like a classic Hermes handbag this baby is an investment piece that you can enjoy for years to come…
















Who can forget Carrie Bradshaw snuggling up with the Avalon blanket in the Sex & The City movie after her wedding debacle? No shocker that chic Charlotte had the classic Hermes Avalon blanket in her Park Avenue place. So CHIC!


image via

image via MadameNoire

I recently heard that rocker Lenny Kravitz landed his very first leading role in Julien Temple’s upcoming film about Motown legend Marvin Gaye. Wow! Good for Lenny. You all may have seen his acting chops in the recent Hunger Games flick portraying Cinna or in his screen debut in the movie Precious. I have always been intrigued by the oh so cool and oh sooo sexy Lenny Kravitz and greatly admire his style. He is always full of surprises and seems super comfortable expressing both his masculine and feminine sides so with this new news about his leading role, it got me wondering, is there nothing this guy can’t do? I mean is it not enough to have 4 Grammys? I might just hang it up. I decided to dig a little deeper into Lenny. In doing some research, I found out some cool stuff that I wanted to share. For starters, I never knew he was the only son of a Russian-Jewish Hollywood producer, Sy Kravitz and Bahamian actress Roxie Roker of “The Jeffersons” fame. Also, he went to high school with Slash from Guns & Roses. Wow, my high school was lame! All I ever knew is that Lenny literally exudes cool.

I always have known that he has a real interest in art and design {seems a no-brainer} because I have seen a few of his gorgeous homes in magazine spreads over the years, his SoHo pad and his New Orleans crib. What I didn’t know is that Lenny Kravitz actually established his own interior design firm in 2003, Kravitz Design Inc. or KDI. What?? Well, it turns out Lenny now owns a gorgeous townhome in the 16th arrondissement in Paris that his firm designed. Okay, now were talking, let’s combine two totally sexy things: Paris and Lenny Kravitz. Let’s see what we get…


Okay, enter Lenny’s Parisian townhome, yep, a plexiglass Schimmel grand piano greets you. Now that’s an entry! Lenny described the project’s inpiration as a blend of Yves St. Laurent, Miles Davis and Helmut Newton.

Wow, image via the French magazine L’Express

A view from above

This townhome couldn’t make my Chicago townhome feel any more lame!

The townhome was decorated in Baccarat crystal chandeliers and also custom Swarovski chandeliers. I am loving the art deco vibe of this chandelier. This room looks like a good place to chill…

image via House of McNairy



Seems Lenny has accumulated quite a collection of modern art including pieces like the Andy Warhol painting of Muhammad Ali in the hallway above. He also has pieces by Emile Gilioli amongst others.

You can see some more modern art in the mirror’s reflection above.


God, those moldings are gorgeous!



Okay, just when you think this guy can’t get any cooler, it turns out he also collects stage costumes of legends like musicians Bob Marley, James Brown, Miles Davis and John Lennon. I’m diggin the photo of John Lennon above his fireplace.

Imagine waking up here, oh, those views! Okay, okay, back to reality…

Who knows what’s next for Lenny? I guess he will just keep on surprising us. Or in Lenny’s words, “It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over.” What do you think of Lenny’s Paris pad? Is it what you expected?

Want to see more chic Parisian interiors? Then check out the beautiful book, Parisian Interiors which includes Lenny’s place along with 17 others.

Also, congrats to our lucky Stella Grey giveaway winner, Tammie Hoffman and thanks to everyone for entering. I am hoping to have some more chic giveaways in the future. Keep checking in. So CHIC!

images via Kravitz Design and Pinterest unless otherwise noted


I wanted to share some images of Ashley Stark’s swoon-worthy Upper East Side Manhattan apartment. Although this chic place was featured in Elle Decor in December of 2011, I loved it so much it was torn out and placed in my blog file for safe keeping. Now I am so happy to share it with all of you. Ashley is the Creative Director for her families home furnishings empire that bears her name, Stark. After much searching (were talking years), Ashley ended up putting down her roots in this fabulous pre-war Rosario Candela building. Can’t say I blame her! It just so happens to be the same exact building where she grew up. There is so much I absolutely love about this place, my heart literally skips a beat, to me it is the perfect blend of modern, youthful and edgy mixed with gorgeous family heirlooms (sometimes stripped and refinished) and cool vintage pieces. How about that snakeskin bench in the foyer? That gorgeous foyer table? Of course, she has gorgeous carpets and wall coverings throughout. I guess that is to be expected! Enjoy taking a peek into this delightful mix.

Ashley strikes a pose, love the light fixtures! The fireplaces, floors and doors are all original.

Oh, those tiger print benches. A pair of classic 18th-century Italian chairs strike a balance with the edgy Damien Hirst skull print. (You know I love skulls) She actually has a brass palm tree in this room, too. (you can barely see it peeking out on the right) Fabulous modern art and great pops of color throughout.

The navy console adds just the right amount of color necessary and really “pops” in this dining room. The mirror was originally gilded (until Ashley stripped it and repainted it) and was her grandmothers. Ashley searched and searched for the perfect dining room table, she fell in love with the tree trunk bases on this table. So did I, love the organic element. Modern table, classic chairs all paired with a patchwork hide rug. Love it. Did you notice the silver beams? Don’t even get me started on that amazing modern light fixture…

Perfect mix. Touch of 70′s cool vibe. Vintage Pedro Friedeberg “hand” chairs (I sort of love them!) and a sofa originally from Stark’s childhood apartment. Vintage cocktail table, it is gorgeous and adds a touch of glam. Love the addition of the fur and zebra pillows to give it a modern twist.

Pops of color come from filling massive jars with colorful candies.

images via

Photography by Eric Piasecki

What do you think of Ashley’s mix of styles?


 I can’t get enough of using chic obelisks to accessorize a room! Maybe it is the fact that they come in such a wide variety of sizes and finishes to give you just so many delightful options. I’m not quite sure but I just think they make a stellar addition to any console table, coffee table, well, you name it. I know I am not alone in my obelisk obsession. The magnificent Kelly Wearstler is a huge fan as well. Let’s just say she knows a thing or two about making a design impact. I usually side on the “less is more” rule but I can’t help myself when I see large groupings of obelisks, I think the statement is much more dramatic and impactful. Enjoy these chic and glamorous images of obelisks in a variety of settings. I feel they really up the glamour. So CHIC! Enjoy!

 image via Domino

image via Elle Decor

 image via The Decorista

image via Atlanta Showhouse

image via The Decorista

all images via pinterest unless otherwise noted

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